Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Tips & Tricks Guide For A Knight, Dealer Or Crook


The European medieval role-playing game “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” by Warhorse offers not only an enthralling atmosphere, but also a multitude of possibilities. New players do not find it easy to navigate the flood of historical facts and tutorials. Therefore, we introduce you to the most important game mechanics and our personal tips on three important game styles.


Even if it is possible to end “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” and to shed only the blood of a person, yet the strategic combat system invites you to increase your own fame with the sword. As in other areas, the game also relies on realism. This means above all one thing: Both melee and ranged combat requires a lot of practice.

First of all, many players are confronted with the fistfight as part of the tutorial. This is slightly different than the armed struggle. Here you do not have the opportunity to determine the direction of your attacks. Your health will be much less of a problem than in later battles. Instead, the fist fight is all about your stamina.

If you get hit or hit yourself, you lose your stamina. Your opponents also have handles that they will use frequently to counter your attacks. If you fight against a stronger opponent (for example, Kunesh from the tutorial), it is therefore advisable to remain mobile and to force the opponent with quick blows on the defensive.

Only when the opponent is clearly weakened is it worthwhile to make the slow but devastating, strong blows. Blocking should be replaced as far as possible by dodging, as even blocked blows still consume a good deal of your stamina.

The situation is quite different with swordplay. Here, even a single good hit can decide the fight. This is mainly because your health also determines your maximum stamina. The same is true for opponents, a wounded opponent attacks less often and slower. Your best chance is therefore to fend off until the opponent is exhausted and then to strike out to counterattack.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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