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Knack 2 New Gameplay Walkthrough From AniCom


Sony Interactive Entertainment took the Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong as an opportunity to show gameplay to “Knack 2”.

During a stage event at the Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled new gaming to “Knack 2”. Among other things, a look at the couch-coop gameplay may be thrown. “Knack 2″ will be released on September 5, 2017 for PlayStation 4.”Knack 2” takes place one year after the predecessor and the story is about the destruction of Knack’s hometown. Now Knack and his friends are back as they meet the goblins. “Knack 2” is described as a mixture of Brawler and Plattformer. The first part was more focused on the fight. The co-op experience has been built into the game from the beginning, so that it does not stand up. There are also more combat abilities and you can expect more checkpoints.

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