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Lost City Of Omu – New Expansion Of Neverwinter Will Be Released On April 24, 2018

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced that “Lost City of Omu,” the new addition to “Neverwinter,” will be released on April 24, 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version is already available.

This latest expansion follows on from the plot of “Tomb of Annihilation”, in which the adventurers have to thwart the plans of the evil Lich Acererak. It offers players a new adventure zone, a new endgame exam, a sequel to the Tomb of Annihilation campaign, gameplay customizations, and more.

Features of Lost City of Omu

  • New Adventurer Zone: Following the discovery of the lost city of Omu, adventurers travel deeper into the jungles of Chult than ever before, exploring the vast jungle-overgrown ruins of the city, venturing into the sprawling tunnels below the city and entering the Night Serpent Temple in which the Yuan-Ti hold cruel rituals.
  • New Monster Hunts & Heroic Encounters: Adventurers can team up to master the new encounters side by side, or they can become monster hunters. In all new hunting quests and encounters, players will encounter Chul’s most dangerous creatures, including the dreaded tyrant, with fantastic new rewards. If they survive the undead that he strangles out of his mouth!
  • New chapter in Chult’s Jungle Campaign: In this epic completion of Chult’s storyline, players will complete more campaigning, unlock new ranks of their campaign blessings, and gain access to a new 10-player test in which they battle Acererak and his Atropal.
  • Optimized step progression from level 60 to 70: Players who have not yet reached the maximum level can now look forward to an optimized progression from level 60 to 70, which makes the endgame including Lost City of Omu accessible sooner.
  • Class Force Customization: Many powers that previously depended on weapon damage now scale based on character attributes. In addition, some class forces have been overhauled and numerous bug fixes have been implemented for forces that did not work as intended. For example, the Annihilating Warlock’s “Temptation” talent tree is now a much more attractive choice for endgame game content.
  • Additional features: New recipes for Mastery professions, treasure maps, repeatable adventures and comfort enhancements.
Source: Press release

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