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Mafia 3 Update Introduces “Sign of the Times” DLC With Powerful Trailer

The open-world action title “Mafia 3” has received a very comprehensive update, which is mainly intended to prepare for today’s “Sign of the Times” expansion.

2K Games and Hangar 13 have released a new update for “Mafia 3”, which prepares for the DLC “Sign of the times”. The expansion will be published in the course of this day. The download of the update is 9,2 GB (PS4), 9,8 GB (Xbox One) and 11,3 GB (PC) large. A changelog has not yet been made available. “Signs of the Time” is about an enigmatic cult that has dived in the city. On board are new game mechanics, new equipment and new cars.

In “Sign of the Times”, protagonist Lincoln Clay encounters an insane and violent group of cultists called “The Ensanglante”, who want to restore order in New Bordeaux through brutal rituals. The cult uses a hallucinogenic drug to break the will of the members, distort their perception of reality and turn them into killer.

Furthermore, Lincoln learns that the cult has used Sammy’s Bar to perform the rituals. When he finally meets a survivor, he vows to protect the city for the new threat and to repel the cult. In “Sign of the Times”, players are also given new weapons and outfits, some of which have already been presented in a tweet.

There is also a new feature to announce. “Signs of the time introduces the first shot change in slow motion, when you activate it, you have a few seconds more time to do your opponents, but whoever is adept enough to do it with clean head shots will extend the duration of the slow motion So be careful, “the developers said.

Update: Now the launch trailer for “signs of the time” has been released.


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