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Michael Pachter Talks About PS5 And The Exclusive Playstation And Xbox

Michael Pachter was recently interviewed by GamingBolt and on this occasion he talked about other things about PlayStation 5 and the exclusive PlayStation and Xbox One catalog.

With regard to PlayStation 5 , Pachter says Sony will launch the console in 2019, but essentially will depend on sales of PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro , if the latter will remain at high levels, the company may decide to delay the release of the new platform. According to the analyst, PS4 and PS5 will be able to share the market at least until 2022, with PlayStation 4 reaching 120 million units sold throughout the entire lifecycle. Space also speculated on prices, assuming a $ 199 cut for PS4 Pro and a launch price for PlayStation 5 set at $ 399.

Gears was an Epic IP, while titles such as Ryse were developed by Crytek, which does not produce great games for a long time. Rare lost the touch and I think Sea of ​​Thieves is not that incredible, to say it was not even the best pirate game of the E3 … ”

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  1. If the PS5 is delayed to 2022… I’m done with all SONY and Playstation gaming for good. I’ve got better things to waste money on…. I may save a lot of money giving up gaming anyways!

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