Moss Playstation VR Game Review – One Of The Best PSVR Games Ever

Dear reader, the time has come! The little cute little mouse named Quill needs your help! On the night of the fire, the world of mice was radically turned upside down, and the small rodent’s glass artifact disappeared. Even the rushing elves were unable to repulse the attackers. It’s time for a VR adventure and Quill is waiting for your help! Whether the journey is worthwhile?

As the elves frantically tried to save the world of mice, their champion also lost one of the precious glass artifacts. More specifically, he managed to hide the valuable piece from the attackers, only to fall years later into the paws of our protagonist Quill. And here begins the story of the reader. As in Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story” we learn through a book about the events of the mouse world. After Quill reports to her uncle about the find and the emergence of the reader – of course the player is meant – he breaks up to inform the elves. However, he does not return and a starry nature challenges the little heroine to go in search of him.


Godlike, you dive into “Moss” in the game world. Like in a diorama, you’ll get the feel of the environment and thanks to your PlayStation VR goggles, you’ll be able to look around any scene you like. If something hides your eyes, you turn aside or just look down from above. Quill is too far away? No problem. A little movement forward and you are so close to your protagonists that you almost feel like you can feel the little mouse’s breath. By the way, if you pay close attention to the environment, you will even see your image, just as Quill perceives you.

The control is solved very elegantly. With the analog stick you move your heroine through each level. In addition, you interact with the environment with the Dualshock Controller. The controller is represented by a blue glowing sphere in the game. So you have the ability to move blocks, manipulate columns or equal to take control of opponents. By taking over, you can additionally support Quill in combat. This may sound complicated at first, but the skilful implementation gives you the feeling that you are immersed in another world.

In the course of the unfortunately rather short story you travel through various areas and get to know the world of Quill up close. The learning curve increases, the puzzles become more complex and the fighting more demanding. In most levels, you not only have to deftly manipulate the environment in order to give the little mouse the way to the next task, but also hidden relics in the form of scrolls are waiting to be discovered.

Anyone who is out to collect as many trophies, quickly realizes that there is still a lot in the game. This is not Quill’s reaction when you spend too much time on each task. On the other hand, the little one is happy if you give the mouse a high-five for a successfully completed puzzle. So are the sweet little details.

Depending on the abilities of the player, sorry, the reader, the story of Quill is already told after 2-3 hours. Only if you want to collect all the relics and all artifact dust that you get by destroying objects, you will spend longer in the mouse world. On the other hand, “Moss” is a cheap title and probably just an introduction to the world of mice. Unlike in other VR games, we also had no problems completing the game in one session. You do not have to fear VR nausea in this title.


“Moss” for the PlayStation VR shows what great stories can be told in VR. A sweet story, packed in a dreamlike and richly detailed environment. Only the small size of the game disappoints a little. Personally, I want more of the story to learn more about Quill and her family. “Moss” is, in my opinion, one of the compulsory titles that every PlayStation VR owner must have played. Please more!

Written by Mickey Bucks


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