NBA Playgrounds 2 To Launch On PC, PS4, Switch, And Xbox One

Saber Interactive has announced that NBA Playgrounds 2 will be released on May 22, 2018, for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch. On board are 200 active and former NBA players who can be unlocked with card packs.

The developers want to expand the online multiplayer in the second part. “One of our main topics for the sequel was the expansion of online gaming capabilities, we saw some terrific online games on YouTube and we knew we wanted to prepare an even better experience for you,” said Matthew Karch, CEO from Saber Interactive.

He adds, “So we created the Playgrounds Championship for NBA Playgrounds 2. It’s a worldwide online league that has different areas to grow up in. You always know exactly how to compare it to other online games.

In addition to the solo experience, you can also play in the co-op leagues with friends, but of course, what does an online league bring without a decent online game? That’s why we have the servers for NBA Playgrounds 2 more power for fast partnering and fast gameplay. ”

For the singleplayer, however, the season mode was developed: “Now you can play through your season with one game, the playoffs, and then the NBA championship, and you can take certain players along the way, depending on your team.” New animations and facial animations should not be missing, while Saber Interactive has additionally screwed to the AI. “There is a lot of new music and the new game control gives you even more fantastic games,” it concludes.

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