New Battlefield 1 Trailer For The North Sea Campaign


Today, the second installment of Turning Tides for Battlefield 1, which includes the North Sea campaign, will be released.

Today the January update and the second part of Turning Tides for Battlefield 1 will be released. The new North Sea content includes two more maps (“Heligoland Bay” and “Zeebrugge”), the Royal Marines of the British Empire and the C-Class airship. Anyone who wants today’s advance access to the North Sea content, however, needs the Premium Pass or the Revolution Edition. The single purchase starts two weeks later. Otherwise, the new trailer may still be considered.

Overview of North Sea content

  • Battleship vs. Battleship Battles: Feel the power of controlling a massive naval behemoth, but do not be careless – especially as we added Battle Battleship vs Battleship! On the map “Heligoland Bay” you can also cause damage to enemy torpedo boats in an attack aircraft, outmaneuver your opponents in aerial battles or attack the brand-new airship of the C-Class. Or would you rather direct a risky attack with L-class destroyers and sink the enemy’s formidable battleship as it fights off the cannon fire from the beach?
  • Fierce multiplayer battles on a fortified mole: The intensity of the fight as you and the enemy team meet at the fortified mole on the Zeebrugge map is an incredible experience. Prepare for memorable infantry battles in overcast skies, followed by battles in the air and on water, with powerful destroyers, agile attack aircraft, and more. Get ready for an exciting variety and many hours of amphibious battles.
  • Death from Above with the C-Class Airship: The cannon of the C-Class airship fires armor-piercing 76mm shells, inflicting considerable damage to infantry and torpedo boats. Particularly risk-averse pilots can even become dangerous to a battleship by dropping HE bombs over it. If hostile aircraft are causing trouble, occupy the anti-aircraft gun and heat it up properly.
  • Fierce Gunfights: In the fight against enemy squads, you’ll find that balancing the weapons of Battlefield 1 is better than ever. We have matched all the weapons of the different classes and made sure that all types of weapons are effective under ideal conditions. In addition – and now shooter slang comes – we have adapted the “Time to kill”. Learn about these changes and find out what “time to kill” means.
  • Fighting with the Royal Marines of the British Empire: And of course we know that you want to look good in Battlefield 1 Turning Tides. Slip into the signature blue uniforms of the British elite naval units and battle your way with the new Royal Marines.

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