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The leaders of Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works present official details and screenshots of the upcoming Beat ’em Up “Dragon Ball FighterZ”. With these, we are presented to Piccolo and Krillin among others.

The beat em up “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has more information and screenshots obtained. Bandai Namco Entertainment and the relevant developers of Arc System Works have presented the two recently confirmed characters Piccolo and Krillin. In addition, some details about the online functions were mentioned.

Piccolo will be one of the most technically accomplished characters thanks to his expandable arm, with which he can attack the opponents. In different ways he can break the cover of his opponents and fire fast, powerful rays. Piccolo can recharge his attacks to deal additional damage. From the distance, he can also perform a ki-blast, which can ultimately be integrated into a combo.

Krillin, on the other hand, has neither a long range nor a lot of power. He tries to compensate for his deficits with techniques like the Kamehameha and a tricky ability with which he leaves an image of himself before he goes to the attack. The powerful Senzu Beam as well as the non-blocking Destructo Disc are to inspire the players of “Dragon Ball FighterZ”.

Online, the players in the FighterZ lobby can interact with other players and interact with them. Furthermore, the Z-Stamp can be used for communication as well as the facial expressions of the “Dragon Ball” characters. In replay mode you can look at the repetition of the battles.

“Dragon Ball FighterZ” will be released in early 2018 for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the PC via Steam. The registration phase for the Closed Beta will begin on July 26, 2017.


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