The New Nintendo 2DS XL Review And Test!


The New Nintendo 2DS XL Review And Test! – What is hardly thought possible by many is now fact: Nintendo publishes after the switch a new handheld. Granted, the “New Nintendo 2DS XL” is not a new one, but it is the newest (and perhaps the last) member of the 3DS family, but it does not have the high-impact 3D effect.

But does it need a new device at all? And what does the 2DS XL, as we want to call it for the sake of simplicity, really postulate from its siblings? Is the good piece about even in the hype around the Nintendo switch completely under? Questions about questions, but we have the answers for you after a detailed test phase.


In order to clarify an important question in advance: Yes, on the 2DS XL are all games of the 3DS family, so also the (few) “New 3DS” exclusive titles, which benefit from the additional processor power of the newer devices. Is there any other significant changes besides the missing 3D effect? Yes, there are. Let’s take a closer look at the 2DS XL.


We will compare the 2DS XL here mainly with the New 3DS XL, since this is the first model, and unlike the original 2DS is also reasonably comparable to the new handheld. In terms of form factor, very little has been done at the very first glance. Although the 2DS XL despite the same screen sizes both open and in the closed state is slightly smaller than the N3DSXL, but this is really only noticeable, if the two devices side by side.

The savings are mainly achieved by thinner frames above the upper and lower screens. Nintendo fans know, of course, that the camera (above) and the home button (below) have been there so far. The latter now sits below the control cross, While the inner camera has found an even more interesting new place. It is now on the hinge in the middle, which is at first a rather unusual sight, but makes sense.

The two-line external camera (whose unfortunately still low-resolution 3D images can be viewed on the device, of course, only in 2D) we had to look even more closely. It is now located on the back of the lower part of the unit. In other respects, the 2DS XL is clearly visible from other family members.

It appears either in black with turquoise edge, control cross, shoulder buttons, face buttons and volume control, or in white with the same highlights in orange, which somehow reminds a bit of BB-8 from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

The colors are, of course, taste, but we like it, and the two devices sting enough color that you immediately notice that someone here carries a new gadget with it. Compared to the N3DSXL, the shoulder straps are slightly differently formed, and it was therefore at least very comfortable with our hands to handle them, whereas in the predecessor of the game, sometimes violent episodes of spasm could occasionally occur.

The other buttons, the Circle Pad and the control pad feel the same as before, and also the rather unorthodox “New” -exclusive C-Stick, which is used as a “second analog stick” in a few games, is again on board , The difference in weight is clearly noticeable in the direct comparison. While the N3DSXL brought just 330 grams on the scales, The New 2DS XL is only 260, which, of course, also makes a difference in terms of fatigue.

NFC support, to be able to read amiibo figures is of course again on board, and since synonymous in terms of processor power, battery run time or RAM has not changed, so are the main technical specifications (the 3D effect, of course) Except) at the same level as the New 3DS XL.


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