New Trailer For The Alliance Alive, Combat System In Detail

The latest trailer for the role-playing game “The Alliance Alive” is about the combat system. The title will be released in March 2018 for the 3DS.

Atlus has released a new trailer for the role-playing game “The Alliance Alive”, which is about the combat system. “The Alliance Alive” will be released in Europe on March 27, 2018 for the 3DS. The story goes: “A thousand years ago, the daemons invaded the human world, subjugating humanity and creating the Great Barrier to separate the empires, the world underwent a revolution, and the Dark Stream was born Crossing the ocean and swallowing countless cities in its wake, mankind has been decimated, hundreds of years later, the Daemons are ruling a hierarchical society, but the time has come for resistance and the world will change again. “

Added to the gameplay: “Built on a vast world of secrets, players must create and establish guilds as they fight the daemons in the four realms, and the Ignition system, part of the turn-based combat, lets players customize the gameplay. and with some skill and skill you can then start the final stroke, in The Alliance Alive, players have to use their minds and think strategically – because only then can any fight be won. ”


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