New Weapon Splat Brella Available In Splatoon 2


Nintendo has announced to add the new weapon called Splat Brella to the Nintendo Switch exclusive title “Splatoon 2”.

Enjoy your supplies, because this week, Nintendo is giving us new free content for the colorful exclusive shooter “Splatoon 2”. The weapon added in the course of this day is called “Splat Brella” and represents an effective mix of an umbrella and a shotgun.

In the single player, “Splatoon 2” players can already use a similar weapon named “Hero Brella”, but this is not available in multiplayer mode. The “Splat Brella” uses a sprinkler as a second weapon and the Ink Storm as a special weapon. “Splatoon 2” will continue to be equipped with other free content in the future, among other things the developers also work on new maps.



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