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Nintendo Is Possibly Planning A New Hardware Version Of The Switch


The firmware 5.0 may have found evidence that Nintendo is planning a new hardware version of the switch. A user has discovered in the data that there are various references to a new SoC (System on Chip). The switch actually uses the Tegra 210 chip from Nvidia, but the update mentions the Tegra 214 chip.

In the new chip version, it should not be about an increased performance. Instead, you can expect fixes and security fixes because vulnerable locations have been discovered that are primarily responsible for the Tegra-210 chip.

But that’s not all, because an upgrade of the PCB and 8 GB of memory is also pointed out. Currently, the switch has only 4 GB of RAM. Whether the changes are actually implemented, remains to be seen, as they could only be associated with Dev kits.


Written by Mickey Bucks



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