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Nis America: Sony Does Not Care Enough About Small Publishers


NIS America accuses Sony of being concerned only with the big Japanese companies. That’s why the switch is increasingly supported.

NIS America accuses Sony of neglecting and neglecting smaller publishers and developers. NIS America is also concerned and is shifting its commitment towards the switch.

NIS America President Takuro Yamashita said, “We’re starting to do more for the Nintendo Switch, SNK Heroines is not the only game, it’s a great way to help us, compared to smaller publishers like us You are only taking care of big Japanese companies. ”

Takuro Yamashita also mentioned that simultaneously released games on the switch would sell twice as well as on the PS4.

That’s because the PlayStation 4 has a lot more titles and more competition. There is more space on the switch to earn money, they say. So that’s another reason why NIS America is putting more emphasis on Nintendo’s console.

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