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Octopath Traveler For Switch From Today

Square Enix has released a new octopath traveler role-playing overview trailer, which will be available today for the switch. The title states, any character can use away actions to interact in a unique way with the characters he encounters, such as warrior Alberic, who can challenge almost anyone to a duel and defeat a villain with such a duel or somebody who stands in his way, making the path clear, and the dancer, primrose, can lead others to follow her, and with that power she could find and bring back a missing person, or trap her enemies summon a seduced character, who then stands aside in battle!

It adds, fighting is a mixture of a quick-to-learn, turn-based system and completely new mechanics, one of which is the boost system, which allows players to accumulate boost points in each round of combat, which can be used to do so to greatly increase the strength of attacks and abilities, or uses them for chain attacks, aiming for an opponent’s weak point to break his defenses, and then crushing him while weakened, or use them for an ally helping in need – finding the right time to boost can be the key to victory.

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