Operation Chimera & Outbreak Available For Rainbow Six Siege


“Operation Chimera” and the “Outbreak” event were released for “Rainbow Six Siege”. This is the third season started.

“Operation Chimera” and the “Outbreak” event are now available for “Rainbow Six Siege” on all platforms. As a prelude Ubisoft shows a trailer. “These changes are part of the developer team’s ongoing commitment to enriching the gaming experience for winning players, and we want to make sure every season has new gameplay mechanics, which is a new level I want to develop for the game,” he said Creative Director Xavier Marquis.

First Year 3 content:

  • The two new operators are specialists in biological hazards and playable in Multiplayer by Operation Chimera. In addition, they face a major threat in the first co-op event, Outbreak.
  • Lion from France and Finka from Russia are veterans of a multitude of conflicts with biochemical threats. They are Team Rainbows greatest asset in containing the mysterious parasite infection that has infested the small village of Truth and Consequences in New Mexico.
  • In Outbreak, players will have to rethink their strategies in a limited-time 3-player co-op mode and rely more than ever on their teammates, as this mode takes the tension of melee situations to a whole new level.

Additional Year 3 updates:

  • In addition to the Year 3 changes announced at Six Invitational, the development team unveiled new customizations for selected Year 3 editions of the game. This allows more beginner-friendly gaming enjoyment and better progress for Siege newcomers.
  • All players who have Standard, Advanced, Gold, or Complete Edition will now have the rewards cost of the original 20 operator and all weapon attachments removed.
  • In addition, players who purchase a Starter Edition after today receive six random operators. In the previous version it was two operators. Once activated, players receive three random attackers and three random defenders from a selection of 10 operators.
Source: Press release

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