Operation Permafrost For Eve Online Started


For the players of EVE Online, the in-game event Operation Permafrost will take place from December 17th, 2018 until January 2nd, 2019. 

The event follows the recently released update, which introduced two new Triglavian ships, Aurora’s on Planets, and the first in a series of improvements to the Declaration of War system.

“We’re inviting all EVE Online players to the festivities – to bag some temporary baggage and, of course, get closer to planets than ever before,” said Paul Elsy, senior community manager at CCP. “In addition to our 13-day EVE gift event, it pays to get into the game during the holidays.”

Operation Permafrost at a glance

  • In Operation Permafrost, players respond to the call of an unknown third party and travel to the northern polar region of a mysterious ice dwarf to disrupt the operation of ORE Frostline and invade Mordu’s Legion. By participating in the event, players can receive exclusive permafrost SKINS, new blueprints for Mordus Legion and Frostline modules, as well as temporary booster and cerebral accelerators.
  • With new graphics, this event allows players to be closer than ever to the surface of a planet, creating new gameplay experiences between icy asteroids and nebulae.
  • The players have access to the event via the agency in the Neocom menu. For each goal, they must complete a series of challenges, earning agency points to unlock new rewards. Using the info display, players track the progress of each challenge, collect rewards, and get quick access to the agency.
  • In addition, players can expect the first in a series of updates to the declaration of war system – further changes will follow in 2019. This change has never before been a better opportunity to join a group in the high-security New Eden area. High-security corporations are now better protected, as only a declaration of war can hurt them if they have certain assets in space – an upwell structure, a starbase, or a customs office.
  • Players will now also have the opportunity to command two new Triglavian logistics cruisers – the Rodiva-class Tech I cruiser and its Tech II counterpart, the Zarmazd-class logistics cruiser. Both ships benefit from a new Triglavian remote repair module based on the same weapon characteristics as the Triglavian Entropic Disintegrator. The update also brought significant graphical improvements for planets in the form of Auroras. These are a rare sight, but they can occur anywhere in the cluster.
  • With the help of the agency points, players can receive the exclusive holiday SKIN, which shows other players who gave everything in the Arctic. These rewards are only available as part of Operation Permafrost (Dec 17 – Jan 2, 2019).
Source: Press release

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