Parklife DLC For Cities: Skylines Announced


Cities: Skylines will be provided with a new extension. In the “Parklife” -DLC new recreational opportunities are introduced.

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced the “Parklife” DLC for the PC version of the cityscape simulation “Cities: Skylines”. “Parklife” is bringing new recreational opportunities to digital city dwellers, including zoos and other amusement parks. You can also identify nature reserves and reshape fallow green spaces. “Parklife” will be released on May 24, 2018, for the PC.

Features of Parklife

  • Parks and Recreation: New park tool transforms sneaky wastelands and gorgeous green spaces. Park maintenance and municipal services maintain the green spaces and increase the productivity and satisfaction of the residents.
  • Stone by brick: new buildings and accessories such as bus companies, new attractions such as amusement parks and nature reserves make it possible for digital mayors to make their cities even more individual. Of course, as a special highlight of every sightseeing tour, the stately home of Lord Chirpwick, a truly royal monument, stands out!
  • Extended parking management: ways system, ditches for the design of the residential areas and new Perks in the city management extend the repertoire and round off the restful DLC package.

In addition, there is something in the coming update: “A new radio station extends the musical background and delights friends of classic country, bluegrass and folk music with their playlist.” In addition to the paid extension, Cities: Skylines will receive a free PC update. This includes new tourist scoreboards, noise-reducing trees, a camera update, an improved and script-controlled camera system, new tourist models and new modding possibilities.

Source: Press release

Written by Mickey Bucks


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