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PlayStation Plus: Sony Increases The Subscription Prices in August

PlayStation Plus will be more expensive. Sony has announced that the subscription prices will be increased on August 31, 2017. This applies to all three maturity offers. We have all the information on the new PS Plus prices for you.

Sony announced today that the price of PlayStation Plus is increasing. The price increase will take effect on 31 August 2017 at 01:01 o’clock in the German time and will affect all running times. For an annual subscription, for example, ten euros more are due. If you sign up for a PlayStation Plus membership on or after August 31, 2017, then the following prizes are due.

The PlayStation Plus subscription rates from August 31st

  • For an annual billing, the price changes from 49.99 to 59.99 euros per year.
  • For a quarterly billing the price changes from 19.99 to 24.99 euros per quarter-year.
  • For a monthly billing, the price changes from 6.99 to 7.99 euros per month.

By August 31, 2017, you will be able to purchase PlayStation Plus at the current price. In the case of the annual membership, this means that you only have to pay 50 euros and thus ten euros less than after the increase of the costs. If you do not agree to the change of the price model, you can cancel your membership. You can find information on this on the official website of Sony .

The message to the PlayStation Plus customers states: “Since you have an existing membership, this means that all subscription fees due on or after 31 August 2017 will be debited at the new price. You still have the option to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription at the current price until August 31, 2017, which will be added (or attached) to your current membership. ”

Why Sony is raising the prices for PlayStation Plus, the company has not yet betrayed. However, the usual candidates such as cost increases, inflation and exchange rates should play a role. In return, subscribers receive ample games at no extra cost. In August, for example, high-caliberists such as “Just Cause 3” will be present.


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