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PS4 Firmware 5.0: Changelog – Family Accounts, Twitch Improvement And More

The PS4 firmware 5.0 is obviously approaching with big steps. An official changelog is not yet available, but the editors of report that they have come to the list of the changes. This has not yet been confirmed.

Sony announced a few weeks ago the beta test to a new PS4 firmware , which is probably the version 5.0. There is no confirmed information on the new features, but editors want to have a list of some of the more important features.

With the PS4 firmware 5.0, according to the list, the possibility should be offered, while using the PlayStation 4 Pro with 1080p and 60 FPS in the direction Twitch to stream. In addition, you can follow all PSN members, not just verified personalities like developers. Also the notifications and current uploads or downloads after the activation of the PlayStation key should be visible through the console’s quick menu. If you want to keep up to date, you do not have to call up the status page anymore.

The PS4 firmware 5.0 is also to improve the management of sub-accounts. This applies, for example, to additional tools that help regulate the use of the console by the children. An example is the limitation of certain PSN accesses and times, which can be individually assigned to an account. If the pupils want to have more liberties, they can obviously send a request to their parents. Administration is either via smartphones or a PC. Here is an overview:

Changelog to the PS4 Firmware 5.0

  • Possibility to stream from the PS4 Pro with 1080p and 60 FPS towards Twitch
  • Added notifications to the PS4 shortcut menu
  • Possibility to follow each user
  • Possibility to block users
  • Possibility to determine whether only existing friends or anyone else can follow you differently
  • Introduction of family account with multiple accounts per family
  • Possibility to provide each child with a child safety deposit
  • New web application for managing family accounts via PC or smartphone
  • View system notifications in the quick menu
  • Push notifications for events and comment notifications
  • Broadcasts can be linked to PlayStation Community channels in VR mode

PlayStation Now is not mentioned in the alleged Changelog. Previously, it was rumored that the streaming service with the PS4 firmware 5.0 or via PlayStation Plus  becomes an integral part of the console . When the update is to appear, is unclear. Also, Sony has not yet officially announced the PS4 firmware 5.0.

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