PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch – Fans Want Crossplay with More Players, Says Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox Vice President Mike Ybarra once again publicly points out that there is a great demand when it comes to cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One.

Minecraft and Rocket League make it happen and offer cross-system cross-system functions. This means that we can play the games online and against each other, regardless of the device we use. With a big exception: Crossplay was announced for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and the PC, but PS4 users remain outside – Sony presents itself transversely . What makes it unintelligent for many fans and the competition does not rest. Microsoft’s vice president, Mike Ybarra, comments on the subject and says,

“Our data show that people want larger multiplayer pools of people with whom they can play and the choice to play together, and that will not go away.”

The tweet comes as a reaction to a GameInformer commentary , in which it is asked with relatively clear words that Sony must rethink its position : Currently, the strategy of the group apparently consists in simply hoping that the public interest in the topic Some time. Mike Ybarra does not seem to believe that this is so.

Sony had made its own decision against Crossplay justified by the fact that the often young users then no more secure online environment could offer. Which in turn caused indignant reactions on the part of Microsoft: The users are safe and the blocking of the crossplay functions is “unhealthy” , was called by Phil Spencer. So the situation seems to be quite right.

What do you think must happen, so that Crossplay also comes for the PS4?


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