Qubicgames Is Giving Away 10 Switch Games – Details Inside

This is great news for switch players, as QubicGames is actually giving away 10 games from its lineup over the next few days. However, you have to stay on the ball every day to dust off all the titles.

There is a tiny catch here: To participate in the action, you must first have at least one switch game from QubicGames in its game library. At the moment there is a sale anyway.

Once this is done, the first free game called “Robonauts” will be loaded via the eShop between the 10th and the 15th of December 2019. This activates a chain, so to speak.

As of December 16, 2019, you will have 24 hours for the next few days to download a free game from QubicGames after another. If you miss a title, the chain is broken and you can not download the remaining games (unless you buy it later or you already have it).

So you have to own all the previous titles to continue. Otherwise it will be explained again on the official page . A trailer is also available.

The free games at a glance

Robonauts – 10th to 15th December
Geki Yaba Runner – 16 December
Puzzle Book – 17th December
One Strike – 18th of December
Wreckin ‘Ball Adventure – December 19th
Koloro – December 20
#RaceDieRun – December 21st
Right – December 22nd
Mana Spark – December 23rd
Not known yet – 24th of December


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