Radical Heights Is The Next Battle Royale Shooter


Boss Key Productions, creators of LawBreakers, has announced the “Battle Royale” shooter Radical Heights, which will be released tomorrow.

Following the unsuccessful “Law Breaker”, Boss Key Productions is picking up on a current trend: The developers today announced the free “X-TREM Early Access” Battle Royale shooter “Radical Heights”, which was released on Steam on April 10, 2018 -Early Access will appear. “Radical Heights” puts on the vehicle and a fancy setting, while the first gameplay impressions in the trailer can be seen.

The Game Description: “Join dangerous Battle Royale shootings under a dome in sunny Southern California while competitors drive past BMX bikes or stalk out of the shadows for weapons and loot … but also for the money you save Can you win or lose!

Whether you’re spending your money on making great adjustments in your personal room or pulling it out of an ATM to buy weapons at the beginning of your next game, this awesome 80s themed game is a source of cash as important as eliminating the competition, because everyone wants to become rich and famous! ”

Written by Mickey Bucks



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