Relic Weapons In Torchlight Frontiers


Perfect World and Echtra Games have now introduced the so-called relic weapons for the upcoming shared-world ARPG Torchlight Frontiers.

Perfect World and Echtra Games have unveiled a new and powerful weaponry for “Torchlight Frontiers,” the relic weapons: “The bravest of players can collect relic weapons, ancient and powerful items that can be obtained through the game’s manufacturing system be activated for a short time to unleash deadly attacks on approaching enemies, and when equipped with Relic Weapons they also grant players extra powers and unique effects. “

It further states, “As character progression in Torchlight Frontiers turns away from character levels and focuses on equipment quality, relic weapons can be leveled up to gain new and/or better item scores and special abilities, and these powerful items give players the flexibility to choose between weapons that define a specific character type or complement their individual play style. “

Three new relic weapons in Torchlight Frontiers

  • Corrupt – Shoot poisonous bolts of lightning from a powerful staff
  • Firestorm – Shoot fireballs from a burning sword
  • Flame Destroyer – Summons an Ethereal sword that burns your enemies

More information is available on the official site. Torchlight Frontiers will be released in 2019 for the PC and later also for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Source: Press release

Written by Mickey Bucks


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