Resident Evil 2 – Preview – The Fear Plays Along

Four hours with Resident Evil 2: Capcom provides deep insights into the remake of his survival horror classic. This is how “Resident Evil 2” plays!

Nostalgia is something wonderful. You remember back to past video game times and moments that really excited or touched you. However, if you try out the classics of yesteryear, you will quickly become disillusioned. Often years later, the pearls of the past are no longer as supple as thought.

And that’s why the trend continues with the reissues of popular gaming hits in 2019: Capcom is currently working feverishly on the completion of the remake to Resident Evil 2. The team builds the now twenty-year-old survival game based on the RE engine from scratch.

The result can already be seen before the release on January 25, 2019: Resident Evil 2 presents itself in the four-hour round of appeals as an exciting scary experience in which old-school gameplay meets modern technology and comfort features.


Resident Evil 2 was released in 1998 on two CDs: One dedicated to Leon Kennedy, a Claire Redfield. Of course, the new edition comes without such a disk jumble, but also offers two stories. The game takes us to Raccoon City. The city is in ruins after the outbreak of the G virus.

First, we take over the policeman Leon Kennedy. Together with the mysterious Ada Wong, they explore the streets of the city. What immediately stands out: Resident Evil 2 looks first-class.

Capcom removes the fixed camera angles of the original and instead relies on a modern pursuers perspective. As a result, the overview is usually guaranteed even indoors.

In the fights and cutscenes, Capcom shows his character models up close. If Ada is attacked by a zombie, then we experience that (almost) in our own body. The interspersed action scenes, in turn, are reminiscent of The Last of Us or Red Dead Redemption.

They look serious and far less trashy. Again and again, the game shows its figures in close-up and thus emphasizes the first-class facial expressions. Characters such as Robert Kendo, the owner of the local arms shop, appear authentically desperate and those emotions are transported Resident Evil 2 awards.


With Leon still waiting for us comparatively straightforward action gameplay, the tempo changes from as soon as we take over Ada Wong. In her arsenal is only a weapon with a few bullets. But she carries an EMF visualizer around with her. With device we make – almost as in “Batman: Arkham Asylum” – power lines visible through walls and manipulate control boxes.

Sounds simple, but thanks to the shuffling zombies, it is sometimes quite tricky. In a boiler room, we are met by three undead. Since hacking the relay stations takes time, we have to somehow slow down the walkers. So we shoot them with a few targeted shots away from the lower leg.

On the ground, the fashion bags are far less dangerous and we can make a lift from the dust. The zombies in “Resident Evil 2” are not cannon fodder. They can take three to four heads. Unless her skull bursts, they keep getting up and hunting us.

Very handy: If you go too often in one place, the game offers you the Assisted Mode. This weakens the opponents easily and also strengthens your own character. Such comfort features make the new edition playable even for beginners. Capcom invests a lot of time in the careful modernization of the original.

For example, help icons now show the often too small objects. The map and inventory also look tidier and less bulky than before. For example, icons on the map now show the location of forgotten items. In addition, Capcom loosens the storage system: Autosave points do not exist, but we do not need ribbons to store them on the typewriters.


Overall, Resident Evil 2 is like a modern action adventure. However, the survival horror and especially the tricky puzzle design remain an integral part of the game. We’ll find out by the time we cross Claire Redfield through the Raccoon City Police Station. We have to find the exit but quickly realize that the building is a damned labyrinth.

As usual for Resident Evil, the new edition scares us from one side of the system to the other, allowing us to collect various keys and aids. Frequently, information letters help us and reveal the location of certain objects.

Other items – such as a box – we must first examine and open before we discover the hoped treasure. Besides the objects that are relevant to the main mission, there are of course sidequests: with a bent key, for example, we open a trunk and get a new pistol.

So, how much you research about the building is up to you and your nerves. Because, of course, lurks behind every door a new meanness.


And with meanness, of course, we mean much worse threats than zombies. In the police station, we meet about Licker. Although these lizard-like creatures can not climb stairs, they attack at lightning speed from a distance.

With normal pistol shots is them to get along, so we use again and again the grenade launcher. We equip this with either explosives or acid bullets and thus cause appropriate damage. For new ammunition, of course, we also mix various (shooting) pills together in the course.

Combat knives and stun grenades proved to be very practical. If we get a zombie or a licker, we can use these weapons with a simple push of a button and take less damage. With continuous playing time, we spend more and more time in the inventory.

Claire owns twelve inventory slots during this phase. However, we also quickly collect many objects. So at some point, we have to decide which items to take with us and put away unnecessary items in the supply box.

However, sheer panic comes on the first appearance of the tyrant. This colossus is indestructible and follows Claire throughout the building. His loud steps announce his arrival and put pressure on us to solve riddles. 

If the Tyrant comes too close, he hits hard and throws Claire in the air. Luckily it’s slow enough that we can escape its clutches again and again. Shortly before the end of the session, Capcom allows a quick look into a brand new section: This is dedicated to Sherry and the orphanage. More will not be revealed at this point.


The four hours with Resident Evil 2 make you want more. Capcom skillfully brings its survival horror classic to the year 2019 and trumps with contemporary technology, but also with great attention to detail. 

The new comfort features such as the relaxed storage system blend in seamlessly and do not destroy the retro charm of the adventure. At the same time, “Resident Evil 2” feels different due to its puzzles and level architecture – and in a good way. 

Friends of the groomed horror may, therefore, look forward to a cheap trip to Raccoon City at the beginning of the year. This remake will (hopefully) do justice to the reputation of the original.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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