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Retro Studios Probably Working On Something BIG For Nintendo Switch


While Bandai Namco Entertainment is supposedly taking care of “Metroid Prime 4,” the question is what Retro Studios is doing?

If you want to believe the current rumors, Bandai Namco Entertainment is working on “Metroid Prime 4”, but what about the Retro studios that were responsible for their predecessors?

Well, according to a recent listing spotted over at Resetera, something very HUGE – and it could be coming to Nintendo Switch.

The CV of an author suggests that this could be a big project with an extensive story.

“Working with a highly skilled team to bridge the gaps between game design needs and telling a compelling story in a meaningful world. Finding the best ways to construct the narrative we want the player to experience with the tools and restrictions available through text, dialogue, and non-traditional storytelling.

* Key team member for collaborative worldbuilding, story construction, and IP development.
* Point of contact for supplemental prose writing.
* Special focus on designer collaboration for player experience storytelling.”


Written by Mickey Bucks



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