Rumor: Bethesda May Unveil Starfield At E3 2018


Starfield is an unprecedented Bethesda project we have not heard of for some time. The unveiling will take place at the E3 2018.

Starfield has been haunting the rumor mill for years, and many players will be wondering what happened to this Bethesda project. Well, a user on ResetEra (“Potterson”) now claims that the unveiling will take place at the E3 2018 in Los Angeles and its release in the fall of 2018.

SweetNicole, community manager of ResetEra, could not verify the information, but the said user could well be in the position to get to such details, they say. The information could be correct. “Potterson” does not call itself an insider. The user just came to the information and wanted to share it. Incidentally, “Starfield” should not become a mobile game.



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