Rumor: Dead Rising 5 Leaked as A Reboot With First Details

Although the Dead Rising series was not very successful at the end, Capcom apparently still holds on to it and is now working on a fifth offshoot. To this, perhaps first details leaked, which were published in the well-known 4Chan forum.

The game is a reboot, is currently called ‘Dead Rising’ and is no longer developed by Capcom Vancouver, as these are devoted to other projects. Instead, a brand new studio has been commissioned with the development, but is not known. The work on the game probably started at the end of 2015, so an early announcement would be quite possible. Actually, Capcom wanted to complete Vancouver with Part 3 after part 3, but was committed by Capcom to part 4, with the task to use a large part of the assets from part 3. As I mentioned, however, the great success was ultimately the end.


The setting is obviously located on a college campus, with three separate areas – the college, the city and a mall. She plays about 25 years after the original, while she takes on the role of a photojournalist named Jack, who is famous for his conspiracy theories and writes for a college newspaper. He sees in the outbreak a great opportunity to win the Scoop. In general the game is very similar to the original Dead Rising, the time limit is back, you can do a lot of secondary tasks and decide for yourself what you want to do. You can also complete the singleplayer to 100%, but only on a higher level.

Also mentioned are the psychos that return, comparable to the first game. The focus, however, is more on normal people who have become crazy, rather than sexualized or cartoon opponents. So there should be no more characters from the earlier games, except Frank West, who occasionally emerges. Also Willamette is often mentioned, as it is related to the events of the first game.

In conclusion, it is said that the photographing will return, as well as the possibility to question and interrogate characters. There will also be the escorting of survivors, but the AI ​​has been significantly improved and does not react so late.

To what extent the information actually applies, can only be speculated at the moment. The fact that one is again oriented to the original does not seem to be the worst idea, but also Capcom well, that the play also for PlayStation released, in order to profit from the very great success.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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