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Rumor: Technical Details And The Playstation 5 Release Date

There is a new report on the PlayStation 5 that gives some technical details. But a release in 2018 would be too early.

 According to SemiAccurate PS5 should have an APU, which is based on an 8-core Zen CPU and AMD Navi GPU, of course, specially adapted for the console.In addition, the article claims that the hardware is also designed with VR in mind, which would mean that Sony PlayStation VR will not give up. It also states that several publishers and studios already own PS5 dev kits. This claim is not the first time.Author Charlie Demerjian does not exclude the release of PlayStation 5 this year. At first, that sounds unlikely, considering what games are planned for the PS4 in 2018 and 2019, including “The Last of Us: Part 2,” “Death Stranding,” “Ghost of Tsushima,” “Days Gone,” and many more. Somehow, that would be far too early, apart from the fact that the report of SemiAccurate is already questioned by many gamers.

Update: PS5 launch this year very unlikely, analysts tap on 2020

Today, the first possible specifications of the PS5 have been leaked, which at the same time set a possible timeframe when the console will be on the market.

While over-zealous hopes are eagerly awaiting launch this year, analysts such as Michael Pachter see the time frame for the PS5 a bit more generous. Pachter, therefore, continues to believe that the PS5 will not be on the market until 2020, with a potentially realistic date by the end of 2019 as well.

For 2018, however, he sees only a “very small probability”, up to completely excluded. For 2019 he estimates the chances at 25 percent and for 2020 at 75 percent. What will really be true in the end remains to be seen.

If the specifications for the PS5 mentioned today are true, a launch before 2019 would make no sense since the speculated GPU from AMD is scheduled for 2019, even if the PS5 will probably get a modified version of it again. Ultimately, however, market conditions will also play a major role. Should the PS4 still sell sliced bread in the coming year, Sony will certainly not want to disturb this flow with the PS5.

Anyway, almost all messages to the PS5 are currently based only on speculation and rumours, so you have to enjoy them as usual with caution.

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