RUMOUR: Grand Theft Auto VI Location Details! Code Name “Project Americas”

According to a recent rumor, “GTA 6” will take place in a city like Miami and South America. The code name is “Project Americas”.

At some point, Rockstar Games will certainly release “GTA 6”, but it’s not yet clear when that might happen. However, an interesting rumor has surfaced that comes from “The Know” (part of Rooster Teeth). “The Know” reported about the game before the announcement of “Dark Souls 3”, but on the other hand, “The Know” in 2015 announced that Microsoft had taken over the rights to “Silent Hill”, which was not true corresponded.

How credible the “GTA 6” message is, therefore, unclear.According to the anonymous sources of “The Know”, “Grand Theft Auto 6” is supposed to be code-named “Project Americas” and take place in Miami or a similar city (think “GTA: Vice City”). A second venue should be South America. You will be allowed to travel back and forth between the two areas during the story, it is said. More details are available in the video.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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