Second Season Of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 To Be Delayed


The second season of “Warhammer: Vermintide 2” should begin in December 2019 in full, along with the first of three free maps under the “Curse of Drachenfels” updates.

This update would also include the long-awaited “Lohners Wunderladen” for all players as well as the fabric for the “Fast Game” mode (for WoM owners). However, the developers have adapted the plans a bit.

The statement said: “These plans have been slightly adjusted due to our focus on the ‘state’ of the current game, and instead we are bringing the changes planned for Season 2 into line with the success of the latest experimental test and our ongoing effort to improve our releases.

This test will be available on December 16 and will run through the holidays if everything goes according to plan, including revisions of the tissues (including the unrated Quick Game) for ‘Winds of Magic’ owners, the first of the Drachenfels cards Lohner’s Wonder Shop and more, Lohner’s Wonder Shop will be a limited experience for the time being, as we try out how you interact with the currency and look for borderline cases in the game mechanics that hold everything together.”

As far as the state of things on the consoles is concerned, “As far as those who are on the Xbox Oneand Playstation 4, we owe you an update on Winds of Magic as well as launching the expansion on these platforms.

The above events had an impact on our plans for console publishing, but not dramatically. We’re currently in the platform certification phase for the console versions, and if all goes well, we hope we can deliver it for you before the end of the year.

We’ve done extensive testing with both internal and external QA teams, and we continue to plan to have Winds of Magic released as planned on both platforms this month. Winds of Magic for consoles will match the patch 2.0.15 on the PC, with the addition of tissue in the Quick Game. ”

Written by Mickey Bucks


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