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Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun: Review Of The Playstation 4 Version

A few months ago we talked about Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun , real-time tactics signed by the guys at Mimimi Productions. The title set an ambitious goal: to bring back a genre that enjoyed a great fortune thanks to Pyro Studios for a fleeting moment in video game history. Commandos and Desperados did not share only the “-os” final, but shared a strategic experience unleashed by the classic canons of the genre, where a ruthless tactic and a high level of difficulty merged into perfection with mechanically stealthy mechanics.

A perfect and satisfying game formula on PC, which was attempted to translate into the then home consoles, without much success. A pad, in fact, It did not fit the amount of commands and the accuracy that such titles required. Many years have passed since then and no one has ever tried such a move. At least, so far.

The guys from Mimimi Productions, perhaps very confident in their product, wanted to try it again. Will the times be ripe enough now?



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