Shaka Leads The Zulu In Civilization 6: Rise And Fall


Shaka leads the Zulu in the upcoming “Civilization 6: Rise and Fall” expansion, as 2K Games and Firaxis Games have confirmed.

2K Games and Firaxis Games announced today that Shaka will lead the Zulu in “Civilization 6: Rise and Fall”. A new trailer is also available for viewing. “Civilization 6: Rise and Fall” will be released on February 8, 2018 for the PC.

“Unquestionably one of the greatest commanders in military history, Shaka’s reforms helped the Zule army to become efficient, organized, and lethally effective – making the Impi one of the world’s most feared forces, as well as Shakas anger and sorrow for the loss of thousands of lives on the African continent, “says the official website .

Written by Mickey Bucks


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