Study: Playing First-Person Shooters Leads to Brain Loss

There they are again, the clever studies on video games, which are supposed to prove their danger, while the next day is not all that bad. At the moment, the first-person shooter, who does not want to get away so well and even promote the loss of his own brain mass, is once again taking the lead.

To this conclusion in any case come neuroscientist at the University of Montreal, who studied the effect of which over four years, what happens to us when we play first-person shooter. According to the two Canadian researchers Gregory West and Véronique Bohbot, excessive playing of this genre over the years will probably lead to a loss of our memory, that is, the brain will break down. This in turn is intended to promote diseases such as Alzheimer’s or depression.

In the study, subjects between the ages of 18 and 30 were divided into two groups, which had to play first-person shooter and 3D platformer for 90 hours, while the shooter players lost some of their brain masses before and after the experiment, While the 3D platform gamers could even achieve growth in this area.


Of course, this study is also somewhat controversial, as Gregory West believes that it is particularly important to have long-term studies in order to be able to establish a relationship, in particular with regard to a possible Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, other researchers questioned this study completely, which can not see any connection in it.

Until the final proof of this has been provided, or not, it is well to switch between simply by 3D platformer. So you may not run the risk that your own brain runs smoothly from the nose.

 Source: CBC


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