Supermassive Games Unveils The 7 Horror Movies That Inspired ‘Until Dawn’

‘Until Dawn’ , the exclusive Supermassive Games horror game on PS4 , became a success exceeding even the sales expectations of his studio. And now that the game has returned to the talk as one of the free titles of PlaySattion Plus during last June, its creative director, Will Byles , wanted to share through the official PlayStation blog , some of the ideas that served as Base their terrifying game.

“At Supermassive Games, we set out to create a truly terrifying, captivating and branching interactive experience for ‘Until Dawn’, with variations enough to wander through it several times.” , Said Byles. “For this we have the tacit (and mutual) acceptance of the player regarding the conventions established in the movies of fear, common places, even clichés, that would allow us to navigate the genre from the security of our own preconceived ideas.”

Thus, the developer has unveiled the 7 cinematographic works , all of them of the horror genre, that served as inspiration for the studio to create ‘Until Dawn’. Without further delay, we leave you with them.

1. ‘Psychosis’ (Alfred Hitchcock) | 1960

2. ‘The Haunted House’ (Robert Wise) | 1963

3. ‘The Exorcist’ (William Friedkin) | 1973

4. ‘Halloween’ (John Carpenter) | 1978

5. ‘Poltergeist’ (Tobe Hooper) | 1982

6. ‘Terrorically Dead’ (Sam Raimi) | 1987

7. ‘Warren: The Conjuring’ (James Wan) | 2013

Byles concluded: “There are a lot of movies that I would love to add (Alien, Terror in Amityville or An American Werewolf in London, to mention just a few), but I stick with the ones that have caused me the most impact throughout my The special effects of today are so fantastic that the tricks of some of them may seem even comical, but they are all worth it if you can forget about it.


Written by GameZinger Staff


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