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The Surge – Playable Demo Now Available

Deck13 announced today a playable demo on their hardcore RPG ‘The Surge’, which was released in May this year. Already next week, it will be available through the PlayStation Store.

The content of the demo itself is not much known, since you have only the following tweet with a short teaser.

If you’re not so familiar with The Surge, this is a Sci-Fi hardcore RPG that promises a unique experience between brutal action, exo skeletons, and robots awaiting the player in the CREO complex. The special feature of The Surge is that, in combat, targeted body parts and weak points of the opponents are targeted and can be separated with skilful horizontal and vertical blows. Players must always consider whether they want to get to the heavily armored and valuable body parts, or the opponents prefer to attack at the weak points of the armor and quickly descend.


The demo can now be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. At the beginning of the exciting adventure in the CREO complex, which has been haunted by a catastrophe, The demo includes extensive gameplay, numerous battles and the possibility to transfer the saved progress to the full version.

Written by GameZinger Staff

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