Tencent Holding Acquires Path Of Exile Maker


A report from the New Zealand Herald reveals that the Chinese company Tencent Holding has taken strategic control of Grinding Gear Games, the creators of Path of Exile. Tencent Holding is said to have acquired 80 percent of the shares of GGG. According to Chris Wilson of GGG, this means that the studio can continue to expand and employ more people in Auckland.

So Tencent Holding proposed the deal because they like the developer studio, they say. However, Grinding Gear Games will continue to be an independent studio. All employees remain employees of GGG and do not belong to Tencent.

Studio founders Chris, Jonathan, and Erik continue to lead the development team. The team also assures that the acquisition of Tencent will not change the game design of “Path of Exile”. You would not have to worry about the game changing to a pay-to-win concept.


Written by Mickey Bucks


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