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The Two Outlast Games Are Now Available On The Switch

The developer Red Barrels is known to have published “Outlast: Bundle of Terror”, which consists of the main game “Outlast” and the extension “Whistleblower”, as well as “Outlast 2” for the Nintendo Switch. This is now celebrated in a new trailer.

To the story of “Outlast” states: “In the remote mountains of Colorado dreadfulness lurks in the mental hospital Mount Massive. This long ago abandoned mental health clinic was recently reopened by the research and charity department of the international Murkoff Corporation According to an anonymous tip, freelance journalist Miles Upshur gains access to the institute, and what he discovers is on a gruesome fine line between science, religion, nature, and something completely different Hope for survival lies in the terrible truth in the heart of Mount Massive. ”

The second part says, “You are Blake Langermann, a cameraman, working with your wife, Lynn, you are investigative journalists, ready to take risks and not let them go to uncover stories that no one else dares to touch You are following a trail of clues that began with the seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant woman known as Jane Doe, which has taken you miles into the Arizona desert, into a dark, so black is that no light can brighten it and so full of profound corruption that perhaps it would be the most sense to just go crazy. ”

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