Ubisoft has revealed “Grudge & Glory” the third season of “For Honor”. The publisher provides all important details besides the appointment.

Ubisoft announced today that on 15 August 2017 the third season of “For Honor” will be released on all platforms with “Grudge & Glory”. “Grudge & Glory” is the biggest update for “For Honor” so far. In addition to new equipment, new heroes and maps, ranking games as well as extensive adaptations to the game are introduced. All cards and gameplay updates will be freely available to all players at the start of the third season.

The new Heroes, the Highlander and the Gladiator will be available for owners of the Season Pass on 15 August 2017 at no additional cost. All other gamers can turn them on August 22, 2017 for 15,000 steel each. According to Ubisoft, the release of Season 3 is the first step in the development plan for “For Honor”. This also includes another season for November 2017. In addition, the introduction of dedicated servers is planned.

The new heroes

  • Highlander (Viking – Hybrid) – Highlanders are patient heroes who can switch between two different combat positions. Their defensive form allows for counterattacks and the exchange of blows and their offensive attitude unleashes their deadliest attacks, but at the cost of the ability to block. The Highlander’s sword is the heaviest and longest in the game, giving it a lethal combination of strength and reach.
  • Gladiator (Gladiator) – Gladiators use a tricorn and a shield to kill them to their profession – now they are carrying their ruthlessness and ability to war. Only equipped with little armor, they can hit their opponents, make them harmless with the distance they have gained, and attack them further. Their greater stamina and shortened cooldown times make them extremely agile and dangerous opponents.

Two new battlefields are added to the world map with “Wachposten” and “Wikingerdorf”: “Both maps assume that the players are familiar with their unique and deadly dangers, to master this terrain and to always be aware of the environment . ” In addition, Season 3 will introduce a new legendary equipment salvation and increase the maximum reputation of all heroes to 40 to allow more customization options for the heroes.

Likewise, Season 3 will be a competitive game with the 1-versus-1 tournaments: “When players compete in tournaments, they can fight for higher rankings, which will be rolled back in every coming season, as well as exclusive tournament prices Games will be expanded by four-to-four ranked modes this year, with the release of Season 3 and further adjustments to the game balance for competitive game modes, Update 1.11 will make many more adjustments to the game And defensive game styles will be tested during the third season. ”


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