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Ubisoft today publishes Title Update 6 for “Ghost Recon Wildlands”, which optimizes the control of helicopters, for example.

Ubisoft today (just before midnight) publishes Title Update 6 for “Ghost Recon Wildlands”. Before, there will be a short break due to the maintenance work. Depending on the client, the download has a size of up to 8 GB on the PC and 9.5 GB each on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.For example, we can look forward to an improved helicopter control system: “The title update 6 means some fundamental changes for helicopter control and handling. We have not only made the helicopters more authentic, but now they are even easier to control. The new control is preset by default, but if you prefer the original control, you can also disable it and return to the previous setting. ” Further improvements are in the Changelog. The version 3 has also season 3 of the live season challenges in luggage, with new orientation, new challenges and new rewards.


  • A new standard helicopter control has been introduced that can be disabled to restore the original control:
  • Now the vertical speed is controlled by the switches (left switch = vertical ascent speed, right switch = vertical descent speed).
  • The left stick controls the horizontal speed (Up / Down = Forward / Backward, Left / Right = Left / Right).
  • Left / Right on the right stick controls the speed of rotation of the helicopter.
  • Up / Down on the right stick controls the rotation speed of the camera (this does not affect the angle of attack and gives the player the feeling of controlling the camera followed by the helicopter).
  • Every helicopter now behaves differently.
  • Small helicopters are very fast, very mobile and have a high angle of attack.
  • Combat helicopters are mobile and feel very military.
  • Blackhawks are slower and more stable in handling.
  • The launch characteristics of the helicopters are more realistic. As soon as the helicopter reaches the correct speed, it automatically lifts.
  • The helicopters no longer slide when taking off.
  • The torque of the helicopter motor now responds to the actions of the player. (The player can see how the rotors speed up or slow down.)
  • The destruction of the helicopter during the crash looks more realistic.
  • Disclaimer: The new helicopter control scheme has not yet been optimized for the Steam controller. This may cause the helicopter to move left and right with a slow trackpad.


  • When using a helicopter with a rapid fire cannon, the HUD now shows a target cross when aiming.
  • When using a helicopter with rockets, the HUD now snaps to the target.
  • When using a small helicopter with rockets, the player shoots rockets instead of the target capture.
  • Added an HUD display that shows the current altitude and speed of the helicopter.


  • In “La Gringa”: – Correction of an error where the target marker could disappear.
  • In “El Chido’s Agent”: – Correction of an error that prevented the completion of the bet when the agent was alerted.


  • Correction of an error where the “Failed” icon was not always displayed.


  • Players will hear how the helicopter gets faster / slower when they give gas / take away gas.


  • Some areas that the player could not climb are now accessible.


  • Fixed an error where some rebel skills were not displayed in the HUD.
  • Correction of an error in which some elements of the tactics map and the lot extranjeros tabs were stretched in the ultimate image formats.


  • Correction of an error where the Animal 1 “Activation” button could not be clicked with the mouse.
  • Correction of an error where menu items were stretched when using the ultimate resolution (2560×1080, 3440×1440) in the trap Ghost DLC.
  • Correction of an error when scrolling through a list, with a selected field, the list was reset when moving the cursor away.


  • Now you can create your own signature and embed it anywhere. We have extended GRN with a signatures generator.
  • We added a “Like” button, which you can use for content and posts you like.

Source: UbiSoft


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