Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced


In autumn 2018, the historic strategy game “Total War: Three Kingdoms” will be released for the PC. The announcement trailer may be viewed today.

SEGA and Creative Assembly announced today “Total War: Three Kingdoms”. The historic strategy game will be released in the fall of 2018 for the PC, bringing gamers to feudal China in the “Three Kingdoms” era. A first trailer is ready for viewing. “Inspired by the artistic style of the age, Total War: Three Kingdoms brings the heroes of this fascinating era to life while players struggle to unify China under one banner,” they say.

As for the historical background, China is in turmoil in 190 AD The Han dynasty collapses under the reign of the young emperor as the tyrant Dong Zhuo pulls the strings in the background, the power of this brutal despot growing inexorably But the troubled Chinese empire is stumbling deeper and deeper into anarchy, but hope blossoms in the form of three heroes who ally themselves in the face of impending catastrophes, uniting the warlords of the largest families of the era to end Dong Zhuo’s reign China now depends on this fragile alliance, in which each party pursues its own goals and seeks power over the empire. ”

Source: Press release

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