Unearthed – A Sci-Fi MMO – Prepare To Leave The Earth You Know

08 April 2018 – Pretoria, South Africa – Independent game developer Mad Matter Creative has announced its first game, “Unearthed”, a multiplayer title for Windows Desktop PCs. Unearthed has a strong sci-fi theme and features a blend of survival and adventure elements and is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Ragel Alheit, the lead developer of Unearthed and the founder of Mad Matter Creative, describes Unearthed as follows:

“Unearthed is a game which evolves. It encourages exploration from its inception, both in the literal and in the figurative sense. I want players to expect only the unexpected and retain their excitement about the potential and possibilities the developing game holds. They should always wonder: What will happen next?”

Server-wide events will unite players in immersive scenarios which expand and contributes to Unearthed’s lore and the mystery surrounding the setting. Such events can come in the form of, amongst others, a new environment, a blight altering a familiar one, or an incursion of hostile forces. Players will need to work together to face the challenges or try and brave them on their own.

Unearthed’s environmental sectors are the heart of its multi-layered worldscape. Dynamic elements such as flash floods, forest fires, and blights, toxic vapors and sandstorms, as well as many other unique components add to the player’s experiences in the fight for survival.

The game defies the traditional and offers players the chance to pursue what they wish to, without restricting a player to a specific style of play. Neither are players restrained by limitations imposed by skills or levels. Whether it is exploration, trade, earning prestige in arena battles, crafting, gathering, defending outposts or investigating the mysteries of the world they find themselves on, players will have the opportunity to focus on what they love.

While Ragel has been developing and funding Unearthed herself, a larger team is now essential.

A successful Indiegogo campaign will ensure that a team of talented individuals can be hired and added to the ranks of Mad Matter. This will shape Unearthed into the game it is meant to be.

Mad Matter Creative is running an Indiegogo campaign for Unearthed at:

Source: Press Release

Written by Mickey Bucks



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