Update 0.8 For Escape From Tarkov For Download


Battlestate Games has released the update 0.8 for the closed beta of the multiplayer online FPS “Escape from Tarkov”. The update extends the shooter with the new “Interchange” card, which is very modern and somewhat atypical compared to the other locations.

The map said: “In addition to open roads, it also includes a huge shopping center with winding shops and restaurants, which requires strategies in a confined space.” At first, no AI opponents will interfere with the players’ raids on Interchange However, as with the previous patch, the new map will also include a new merchant selling various garments and equipment: Ragman. ”

Other updates include: “In addition, Battlestate Games has announced that the latest update includes new methods for optimizing game physics and reducing latency, which has improved the rendering of objects in the environment, especially on the new map, However, the developers would like to point out that the new methods are experimental and can occasionally lead to problems.

All errors that occur through the new mechanics, players can report as usual through the bug reporting and will be corrected immediately Besides these improvements, Update 0.8 introduces Basic Training that helps new players understand and master the basic game mechanics.”

It adds: “Other enhancements include weapons such as the Springfield Armory M1A, Remington 870, AAR, APB, and new AK models, as well as weapon modification items.” Patch 0.8 expands the game by 60 new items, including bags, protective vests, Helmets, Ammunition, Med Cases, Caps, and Glasses A detailed list of new items is available on the official website and in the community networks, as well as the long-awaited profile reset of all players.”

Source: Press release

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