Update 1.04 Released For Sonic Mania


For the 2D retro platformer “Sonic Mania”, the 1.04 update was posted on the net. There are some interesting features and adjustments included.

SEGA has released the 1.04 update for “Sonic Mania”, but does not provide a changelog. However, players have already figured out what’s in the download. So right transitions were packed between each game section. Otherwise, menus were changed, a new boss opponent added, the fight with Metal Sonic revised, new animations integrated and made various other adjustments.

Update 1.04 – Sonic Mania

  • Every zone in the game has a stage transition, as mentioned above
  • Cutscenes can be skipped
  • Menus have been changed
  • Additional moves from past games as the Insta-Shield (Sonic 3), Super Peel Out (Sonic CD) and ‘& Knuckles mode’ can now be used in save files rather than just non-saved play
  • The Time Limit can be disabled, allowing you to explore levels for more than 10 minutes
  • The Metal Sonic boss has just overhauled it, while the other phases have been tweaked.
  • Super Sonic has new animation including a new idle animation
  • Graphical changes to all levels, plus new sound effects
  • Multiplayer can now be played without the stretched visuals

Written by Mickey Bucks


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