Update 1.2.0 Released For Destiny 2 With Changelog


Bungie has released Update 1.2.0 for Destiny 2 next to the War Spirit extension yesterday. The changelog provides the details of the many changes and improvements.


War mind-launch

  • “War Spirit” is now available
  • Season 3 has started

player character


  • Players with “War Spirit” can now reach level 30 and power level 385


  • The multi-gesture is now available and players can now fill all four gesture options with self-selected gestures.
  • Gestures are now placed in the multi-gesture page in the character inventory.
  • The gesture collection has been removed from the vault because the gestures are now on the character.



  • Additional grenade charges obtained from some focus branches or exotic perks now charge at the same rate as the main grenade (was initially much slower).

Exotic weapons – General

  • Exotic masterpiece weapons have been implemented

Exotic kinetic weapons

  • workaholic
    • Picking up kinetic ammunition now gives you more ammo
    • Increased ammunition inventory
  • Wachsamkeitsschwingen
    • Recreation is set to maximum when the perk “The Last Stand” is active
  • The jade hare
    • +20 stability
  • Rattenkönig
    • All Stat benefits are improved when traveling in packs.
    • Benefits are distributed; when two people equip the Exotic, you deal higher damage, with each additional player dealing slightly increased damage
    • Perk “Rat Paw” can now be activated and stacked while Rat King is stowed.
    • HUD notification was added when the “rat pack” header is active
    • Increased ammunition inventory
    • Full automatic has been added
  • scarlet
    • Damage, rate of fire and recovery time between salvos has been overhauled
    • Increased ammunition inventory
  • storm and stress
    • Storm
    • Base Stability stat has been increased
    • Overloaded missiles from Drang now cause 80% bonus damage
    • HUD status notifications and visual feedback were added when the magazine is overloaded
    • Urge
    • Kills with urge reload storm and add an overloaded bullet, even if Sturm’s magazine is not full
    • Increased magazine size
    • Now owns the perk “raving”

Exotic energy weapons

  • Hard light
    • Can now be reloaded manually to change the damage type
    • Hits after bounces off cause double damage
  • Graviton lance
    • Now fire two-round salvos
    • Increased stability
    • The last round of a salvo has a reduced recoil
    • Cosmology explosion causes more damage
    • Cosmology Explosion now spawns more void projectiles
    • Eliminated enemies float up and back, exploding closer to their whereabouts
    • Aiming aid has been improved
  • sky Brennereid
    • +10 target help
    • +30 increased handling
    • Now has the perk “explosive charge”
    • Hüftfeuer now shoots slower projectiles with tracking
  • hazardous
    • Now inflicts more damage when Arkus Leader is active
    • Arcus Damage Resistance is now increased to 50% when Arkus Leader is active and the player has “High Risk” in his hand
    • Arcus Damage Resistance is now active against Guardians in the Crucible
    • Arkus ladder can be activated when the weapon is stowed
    • Arcus effects have been added when the Arkus ladder is active
  • sun shot
    • Increased damage and greater kill radius
  • cold heart
    • Damage now increases faster
    • Incoming retreat has been reduced
    • Precision modifier increased to 1.4x (1.05x)
  • Prometheus lens
    • Magazine size increased to 100
    • Causes more area damage and less laser damage
    • Precision modifier increased to 1.4x (1.05x)
  • lion’s roar
    • Causes more explosion damage and less direct hit damage
    • Increased ammunition inventory
    • More spawn ammo
    • Kills with this weapon guarantee energy ammo drops

Exotic power weapons

  • tractor cannon
    • Weapon damage now suppresses the target
    • Weapon damage now makes the target more vulnerable to Void damage for 10 seconds (+ 50%)
    • Retreat has been reduced
    • Zoom with rifle scope has been reduced
    • Precision damage has been increased on targeted targets (up to 4x)
    • Aiming aid has been improved
  • Borealis
    • Retreat has been reduced
    • When an enemy shield or super-use Guardian of the same energy type is destroyed, the rest of the magazine deals double damage.
  • The Prospector
    • Grenades are now attached to surfaces
    • Grenades now cause fire damage over time
  • Ward Cliff coil
    • Fixed an issue where players would receive an inadvertent amount of ammunition when moving from the Wardcliff reel to another powerful weapon.


  • heart rate monitor
    • Now loads 35% of the magazine (previously 17.5%)
    • Can now be activated if the weapon is not equipped
  • precision housing
    • Fixed a bug that caused unstable recoil reduction on precision weapons
    • The pattern is now more consistent when the weapon is buckling

Legendary weapons

  • Precision handguns
    • Target shot animation has been adjusted
  • Linear fusion guns
    • Precision damage modifier has been increased from 1.5x to 2.0x
  • Lightweight grenade launcher
    • Breech Grenade Launcher (yes, that’s what it means) has been adjusted to help you shoot faster from reload and sprint abort
  • Sniper rifles
    • The general fallback value has been reduced
    • The sniper rifle scope and crosshairs have been adjusted to give equal response to all sniper rifles in return, recoil, and swing
    • Developer Note: We can now update individual sniper rifles when needed, which was previously not possible due to this issue



  • Changes to the level of damage caused by the player against higher level enemies
  • It takes longer to turn off higher level enemies when you are below their level
  • Grading damage done and taken is increased from a 40 power level limit to a 50 power level limit
  • High-level opponents will continue to struggle, up to 50 power levels above the player
  • If enemies are more than 50 power levels or higher above the player, they are immune to damage
  • Over-level, immune opponents indicate “??” on their name plaque
  • Damage added to enemy energy shields has been updated by the following types of damage:
  • 3x damage of energy weapons of the appropriate damage type
  • 2x damage done to energy weapons of non-matching damage types
  • No bonus damage from kinetic weapons


  • Heroic Strikes now have rotating modifiers:
    • The following will be active in the Heroic Strikes playlist at all times:
    • 1x Elemental scorching (weekly rotation)
    • 1x advantage (daily rotation)
    • 1x disadvantage (daily rotation)
    • In addition to the above, the basic difficulty of the Heroic Strikes is now closer to the twilight difficulty
  • Legendary Twilight Challenge card
    • Can be obtained from Xûr (free) by replacing the Rare Challenge card
    • The Legendary level adds extra slots for new pros and cons
  • Fixed a bug that did not give you any points if you put the bosses in “A Garden World” and “Savathûns Song”
  • Fixed a bug that caused the twilight score summary to show only kills since the last death
  • Now the points for the entire activity completion are shown
  • Fixed a bug where the “unbroken” challenge was completed for all squad members, even if the criteria had not been met
  • Fixed a bug where Strike Scoring awarded points to players in public bubbles, lost sectors, or other unintended areas


  • Weekly lockouts for Raid rewards are now class based
  • Players with multiple characters in the same class will only receive bonuses the first time they play Raid Tracts or Raids in a week


  • Seasonal ranks are now available for Vanguard, Crucible, Nine, and Iron Banner
  • Vault space was increased from 200 items to 300 items
  • Fixed a bug where the event badges did not appear in collections, unless you have “Curse of Osiris”
  • Fixed a bug where Cayde-6 did not offer all three treasure maps for Mercury

Objects and economy


  • Milestones now give a more balanced distribution of exotic weapons and armor, but generally there are fewer exotic ones there now
  • Fixed a bug where engrams did not give out exotic ones released on the Destiny 2 launch
  • Fixed a bug where the first powerful engram opened after each login was guaranteed to give away an exotic item
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow load times on Unusual gear
  • Mods and shaders can now be decomposed in the item detail screen
  • Items can now be disassembled in the vault and in the post office
  • Season 2 exotic ghost covers that have destination Perks now have the chance to own Hellas Basin Perks when you first get them

character inventory

  • A “Orders” category has been added to the Character Inventory to track orders, such as those associated with Exotic Quests
  • Items in the Orders category are specific to each character and are not shared through the total account


  • Players can now receive one Shine Engram per character (Three-Character Account Limit) from Tess for the Seasonal Milestone
  • The number of available items bought for Brilliant Dust has been increased from 14 to 18
  • Other slots include shaders and teleport effects
  • Fixed an issue where players could buy bundles or engrams even though their mailroom was full
  • Resolved an issue where the items received from the Shimmering Favor of Everversum in the post office did not display the correct icon
  • The Eververse has been added to the Prism Matrix
  • As of release, the Prism Matrix will include 10 Season 3 Eververse items each week that it is active
  • With the first “Well-rested” level-up of the week, players will earn a prism facet that will allow the Prisma Matrix to be used for free once
  • Players can have up to three prism facets
  • Additional activations can be purchased for 200 silver each
  • The item inventory is based on a knockout list. Duplicate items are avoided
  • Earning items through Shine Engrams, Shine Dust, or previous Matrix activations will also strip premiums off the knockout list



  • In Season 3, it’s time to earn a new set of Clan Perks.
  • Those who reached Clan Rank 6 in Season 2 have received a new clan banner stake.

Clan engrams

  • Clan engrams from the Nine and Raid exams no longer generate “Nine Check” or Raid weapons
  • They are now producing Crucible and Vanguard rewards
  • Clan engrams do not generate rewards that exceed the player level when power level 340 is reached
  • Twilight and Crucible Clan Engrams generate bonuses up to 340 Power

Guide Games

  • All players receive a new set of guide game tickets
  • Players can earn a Leviathan Guide badge that counts the number of times they have completed Raid matches and Raids as guides
  • This badge gives an aura for 14 days after completing a raid as a guide
  • Once a week, when the aura is active, you get a shine engram when you play a raid to the end as a guide

The melting pot


  • Private matches are now available to all players
  • Players must have “Curse of the Osiris” and “War Spirit” to play cards from the respective releases in private matches
  • Added a Crucible ranking system
  • An on-call troop search system has been added


  • Cards of “Curse of Osiris” and “War Spirit” are now available to all players in Melting Pot playlists with player search
  • New War Spirit Cards: Meltdown and Loneliness
  • Re-entry points have been added: Altar of the Flame, Death’s Cliffs, and Endless Valley
  • Kill Volume has been added to Burnout to prevent players from stepping out of the playable area
  • The death cliffs have been added a camera point in 6v6

Game Modes

  • “Double” has been added to the Weekly Rotating Playlists



  • In-game audio options accessed via the Destiny 2 settings have been added or changed:
    • SFX volume
    • Dialogue / cutscene volume
    • Music Volume
    • Chat volume



  • The secondary key mapping can be set via the Settings menu in Destiny 2.
  • Button assignments are now saved per account by default. However, there is a setting in the Settings menu that allows key assignments to be stored per device.

Text chat

  • Incoming text chat messages are now displayed by default. There is an assignable key (default “L”) that minimizes text chat.
  • Incoming text chat messages now generate a sound when the text chat is minimized. This can be disabled in the Settings menu.



  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the cursor did not appear on destination maps

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