Update 1.3.1 Released For Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Nintendo released Update 1.3.1 for “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” on the Switch, which includes many enhancements. In addition, the new Quest Pack 2 (available in Season Pass) has been released.

All further details can be found in the changelog:


Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where common blades resonated to drivers other than Rex were being deleted if the player started a New Game Plus with them assigned to Rex.
  • We apologize, but even if you update your data, you will be unable to restore your common blades.
  • Fixed an issue during New Game Plus where the player was unable to acquire a common blade’s affinity gift even after fulfilling the conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where rare blades that were released were unable to rise above trust level S if they resonated with a character again.
  • Downloading the update data will set the trust level at S.
  • In the case that the actual trust level is higher than S, then upon doing something to raise the trust level, it will quickly increase to its actual level.
  • We have addressed the following problems where effects intended to be applied to blades on standby were only effective when they were deployed in battle.
  • Core Chips: Some status up types such as “HP MAX Boost”, “Increases the enemy gold drop rate”,”Increases the enemy item drop rate”
  • Aux Core:”Hunter’s’ Chemistry”, and “Shoulder to Shoulder”
  • Poppy’s Skill RAM: Some status up types such as “HP MAX Boost”, “Gold Rush”, “Treasure Sensor”, “Hunter’s Chemistry”, and “Shoulder to Shoulder”.
  • Common Blade Skills: “Accelerated Growth”, ”Weaponsmaster”, ”Gold Rush”, and “Treasure Sensor”.
  • Fixed an issue where Patroka’s Evasion Effect Art wasn’t triggering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t advance in the Gormott quest “Whereabouts Unknown”.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t advance in the Uraya quest “Marvelous Mercenaries”.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t advance in the Mor Ardain quest “We Meet Again”.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap and compass wouldn’t display, and fast travel with the X-button would become unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue where Mythra’s 10% Ether modifier wasn’t being reflected in Rex’s Ether attribute display.
  • This problem concerned the display of the modifier; it was being applied.
  • Addressed a problem with crafting field skills such as “Pyra’s Cooking” where you couldn’t continually make things.
  • Fixed an issue where titles of locations were not displaying when discovering landmarks, locations, and secret areas/viewpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where blades would cycle backwards for Rex when using blade change if Mythra was engaged.

Changes and New Features

  • An NPC, “Momoni,” has been added to chapter one of New Game Plus, to restore your money one time.
  • He will help you when you are unable to buy an Abyss Vest or unable to send funds due to lack of money on-hand.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of some of the boss battles in Chapter Ten of New Game Plus (so that they reflect Rex’s level).
  • Now displays the currently held and maximum number of accessories, Aux Cores、and Poppy parts in menus and shops.
  • Added a function to download the second Expansion Pass quest.
  • Added a notification page to the menu that contains information about the Expansion Pass.
  • If the Expansion Pass is removed or deleted from your console, “Continue” can no longer be selected to resume Expansion Pass save data.
  • You will be able to select Continue again once you download the Expansion Pass.

New missions from Quest Pack 2

  • Expensive pleasure (available from chapter 2)
  • Presumption of Innocence (available in Chapter 5). Rare Blades Perun, Godfrey, and Perceval are required.)
  • Pure romance (available from chapter 6)
  • Creative workshop (available from chapter 8)
  • Dramatic Emergency (available from Chapter 10. The Rare Blade Finch is required.)

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