Update 1.6 Released For Fortnite Battle Royale In Public Test Phase

Epic Games has released Update 1.6 for “Fortnite”. Included is the new “Battle Royale” mode, which is now in the public test phase.

Update 1.6 for “Fortnite” is available. On board is the new “Battle Royale” mode in the public test phase, which is regularly released on 26 September 2017. “Fortunite players will now be given access to the public test before the new mode is officially available from September 26th,” a 100-player, a giant card, demonstrating your skills in building and fighting it to “Battle Royale”. In addition, some videos were put online.


Battle Royale

  • New mode in the game
  • Code of Conduct has been published online.
  • There will be regular updates for Battle Royale. Your updates and any other progress in Battle Royale may be reset during these updates.
  • The progress of PvE characters can not be used in Battle Royale.
    • Any differences between the characters in Battle Royale are only graphical. In each match, you get a random character with different looks.
  • Match History
    • Wait with the other players in the lobby for the battleship.
    • Choose your jump-off point carefully: as soon as the bus flies over the island, you can decide when you jump off.
    • Use all you can find (weapons, ammunition, etc.) to get the other players going. You will find most of the items on the floor and not in containers.
    • Look for chests, because they contain valuable objects.
    • Stay in the eye of the storm as it gets smaller so as not to take any damage.
    • You can not respave – if you are the last to be, you win.
  • New mechanics
    • Weapons and other items have been modified for PvP mode.
    • Weapons cause damage to buildings.
    • Rare items also have better values ​​for damage, target accuracy, and rebound.
    • You can duck now – so you are a smaller goal and even more targeted.
    • The case damage is increased.
    • Players can carry a total of only 5 weapons or consumables at a time.
    • When your inventory is full and you pick up an item, you change it with an item already equipped.
    • Ammo, traps and resources do not consume any space in inventory.


  • The new mode “Battle Royale” is in the game.
  • Several problems have been fixed, which caused players to jerk.
  • Fixed a problem where selecting the “Survive the Storm” mission could crash.
  • A number of game crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading “Storm Shield Defense 6 in the Bru Valley”.
  • On consoles, the chat controller has been removed from the Fortnite settings. Players can adjust the volume of the chat via their system settings.
  • Fixed a crash where the game ended when you had previously killed Lamas and then started a survival mode mission.


  • The condition of detonators was increased.
  • Modifiers of powerful clubs and metal weapons now appear as intended in Twine Peaks.
  • If the storm is survived, the Survival Mode Level 40 is displayed only for the players whose home base strength is at least 32, and the survival mode Level 70 only for players whose home base strength is 58 or higher. However, the players are still able to invite or join their friends at higher levels of difficulty.
  • A problem was solved, in which the epic (violet) 1-star soldier Zenturio Hawk could further develop to the legendary (orange) 2-star soldier Zenturio Hawk.
  • Fixed a problem where the job “Rasereitod” could not be completed. The Runtime modifier now takes effect on the map.
  • Fixed a problem where low-level craft materials could appear in high-level zones. The craft materials should now correspond to the difficulty of the zone.
  • Fixed a problem where “trap” trap traps and avoid the trap hit if it did not.
  • Fixed a problem with the damage inflicted on weapon changes. The damage is now caused correctly over time.
  • A problem in missions has been fixed, in which scattered survivors are dead and then disappear.
  • A problem has been fixed, in which deters could hang on tossed propane gas tanks of cafes. Shielders now stay with their shell.
  • Fixed a problem where textures might appear and disappear when using a weapon with a target telescope.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the player to stop responding after being hit by the player’s actions.


  • A problem was solved where the discoverability of anti-material charge could destroy a vehicle on which a survivor was standing, regardless of the direction of sight of the discoverer.
  • Fixed a problem where Shurikenmeister Sarah’s support bonus falsely increased the spike damage. As intended, it now only increases the ability to damage.
  • The support bonus of Shurikenmeisterin Sarah was corrected, so that the increased ability damage on BASIS, TEDDY, electric shock tower and KÖDER is applied.
  • A problem with envelopes has been fixed, which at the same time were hit by Bullensturm and protected by detonators. The detacher was attached to the shell and could not be damaged by weapons, as long as the cover was still alive. The shielder should then remain close to the head of the shell and be able to take damage.


  • It should now be possible for players to invite more friends without having to open the UI each time.
  • On consoles, the switch option for sprinting has been removed from the settings because sprinting on consoles is always enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with Mission Super Impossible, where the players could not scroll down to the rewards in the order description.
  • Fixed a problem where players could not change the icons and colors using the trigger buttons in banner editing.
  • Group members can no longer invite friends from friends when the Allow friends from friends option is disabled.
  • “Invitation” and “Friend Request” have been removed from the chat console.
  • The “Leave group” option is no longer available if you are not in any group.

Only PC

  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on “Survive the Storm” in the map screen caused the initiation message to be skipped.

Only PS4

  • The following message is now displayed to users with a sub-account whose chat is blocked and which start in a game: “PSN-CHAT / -LINKED”.
  • Fixed a bug where Fortnite crashed with players who repeatedly used the kite strike to survive the storm.


  • The soundeffects of different plants and leaves are now played back at the correct time.


  • The graphic effect of Vampire heroic abilities was changed from pink / purple (hostile) to green (allied).
  • A problem was solved where the shield of the shield was too big for the shell.


  • The language version for Rays text “Here stops the tape suddenly …” should be in the Russian Fortnite version now in Russian and not in English.
  • The language output for Rays sentences, in which the term “Medkit” occurs, should be in the Russian Fortnite version now in Russian and not in English.


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