Update 12 For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Published


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has not just released the Devastation of the Mordors story for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Update 12 is also available for download. In addition to numerous bugfixes and improvements, the opportunity to buy gold is removed.

Update 12

  • Nemesis System Enhancements – Overlords can now have Bodyguards, which functions as the Warchief Bodyguards, including the ability to deploy spies.
  • Online Fight Pits & Online Conquests Update – Added the ability to search by player name when engaging in Friendly Online Pit Fights and Friendly Online Conquests.
  • Photo Fashion Upgrades – New Stickers, Styles and Filters inspired by the Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion.
  • New Player Skin – You can now choose to appear as Baranor.
  • Brutal Difficulty – Added a new “Brutal Difficulty” setting, meant to be difficult but unique in its feel. Enemies are as fast and lethal as they are on Gravwalker difficulty, and your Might and Wrath meters fill faster to allow you to make more special moves.
  • Player Stats Page Updates – Added additional entries to the Player Stats page.
  • Market Update -The ability to purchase Gold within the First Party Store wants to be removed. Players want to be ready to spend gold and receive gold via in-game.

The complete changelog is on the official site.

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