Vigilante Joker and Villain Joker – Two New Trailers For Batman: The Enemy Within


Vigilante Joker and Villain Joker || The two new trailers for “Batman: The Enemy Within” and the fifth episode “Same Stitch” feature two different versions of the Joker.

The final episode of “Batman: The Enemy Within”, which is called “Same Stitch”, will be released on March 27, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Depending on which decisions you made in the second season, you will experience a different story with two different versions of the Joker. That’s exactly what the two new trailers are doing.

Overall, “Same Stitch” delivers three and a half hours of content, spread over two completely different storylines that share at most three overlapping scenes.

Each of these storylines contains additional variations that reflect the earlier decisions and, mathematically, represent the most branched episode of Telltale Games. With over 4,500 lines of dialogue spread across 38 characters, the entire script of this episode is bigger than Christopher Nolan’s complete “The Dark Knight” trilogy, the creators said.

Source: Press release

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