Why Madden NFL 19 Will be Released For PC, No Switch Version Planned

Electronic Arts have surprisingly confirmed at the E3 2018 that Madden NFL 19 will be released this year in addition to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 for the PC. But why is the series now introduced on the PC? Creative Director Mike Young and senior producer Carlos Guerrero have the answer.

The game is being developed for the PC because Electronic Arts are increasingly embracing subscription business models with Origin Access. Therefore, the publisher thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce the franchise to the PC user base. “It just made sense,” they say.

In addition, there are so many players on the PC and the developers thought it was time to offer them what the console owners have had for years. The reason why it was not done before was a simple matter of priorities. Last year, the team was busy implementing the Frostbite engine.

We also learn that a Madden NFL 19 switch port was never really addressed by the team. While this does not mean there will never be such a version, it has not been part of the conversation so far.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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